Lifestyle Freedom

Own Your Mind – Love Your Life.

“When you clearly see your mind as a little machine, you can own it as the actual instrument it is to you, which is like starting life all over again.

In an instant you’ll see that you’ve never actually been “trapped” in the problems you’ve been suffering, and you can take your life in absolutely any direction you want.

You don’t have to do anything to own your mind except remember that you are not it, while also remembering that your mind’s activity completely rules your experience.

As long as you don’t get lost in the movie of your mind you can enjoy it, as the miracle and gift that it is.

Owning your mind, therefore, creates authentic gratitude which is what makes contentment and peace real, even in the tough times.

And as you realize for yourself, how everything you experience comes only from your mind, you understand that the quality of your life does not depend on what you get or who does what to you.

The quality of your life depends on your mind. When you own your mind as the instrument it is to you, you are fully empowered to play this game called life in style.”~Leeby

Jnani and mind-craft specialist,  Christian Leeby, offers invaluable techniques that infuses the teachings of jnanam (Vedanta) with worldly value-based programs customized to fit your secondary identity’s (personhood) needs. It shows you how to step up to your goals with confidence, grace and ease, all while enjoying the freedom that you already are.
Here’s the link.
Christian and I have begun working on some projects which we look forward to announcing around the corner.



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