Tattva Bodha


Adi Shankaracharya

Tattva Bodha was written in Sanskrit in the Eighth Century by Shankaracharya and means ‘knowledge of truth.’ It is an  introductory text outlining the fundamentals of Vedanta. After explaining the qualifications necessary to realize the Self it deals with the relationship between the individual, the world and the Self. It explains the technical terms that form the basis of Vedanta. Without understanding the meaning of these words the means of knowledge will not operate.

The Tenth Man
A group of ten men were on a trip in the country. They came to a river that needed to be forded. To make sure they were all present and accounted for after they crossed the leader lined them up and counted…but the count revealed only nine. They became distressed and searched high and low for the missing person. When their efforts did not produce the tenth man they fell into a deep depression. At this time an old man approached and seeing their distress inquired as to its cause. The leader explained the situation and the old man smiled. “Line up with the rest,’ he said to the leader. Then the old man counted. ‘Eight, nine, ten!” he said pointing to the leader…who had forgotten to include himself. No action produced the missing person. He was produced when the leader realized he failed to include himself in the count. In fact he was only searching for himself…all the while believing he was looking for someone else….
Vedanta says freedom-perfection-wholeness-limitlessness is already accomplished. It unequivocally states (and epiphanies confirm it) that we are whole and complete by nature and that no action on our or on the part of anyone else, including God, can complete us…

Salutations to the Self, the bestower of knowledge in the form of my teacher. This treatise, ‘The Knowledge of Truth’ is for the benefit of qualified seekers of liberation.

The following will be outlined. ”click” link at bottom of page.
Knowledge of Truth
*The Irony of Desire and Action
*Cause and Effect
*Accomplishment of the Accomplished
2. Vedanta
*The Tenth Man
*The Teaching, the Teacher and the Taught
3. The Text
A. Qualifications
*Control of mind and the senses
*Strict observance of one’s duty
*Single Pointedness of Mind
*Burning desire for liberation
B. Enquiry into the Self
*The Self
*The Individual
*The Gross Body
*The Subtle Body
*The Mind
*The Causal Body
*The Experience of Bliss
*The Five Sheaths
*The Three States
C. The Self
D. The Universe
*Who is God?
* Creation
*The Elements
E.The Self realized Person
G. Karma

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