Veda means “knowledge” and anta means “end”. Thus Vedanta means “the end of knowledge”. It is Self knowledge (Atmavidya).

Vedanta takes our experiences and arranges them in a way that gives us a perfect appreciation of our true nature and purpose. It is an impersonal method of self inquiry. Nobody owns it because it belongs to everyone.

Without the vision of non-duality, you will be forced to keep seeking. Vedanta just plugs you into the deeper part of yourself, the part that knows, the part that sees, the part that contains and resolves life’s dualities into the non-dual vision.
Each teaching fits seamlessly into all others because reality is one consciousness. Vedanta is its science. Knowledge may come in flash but it does not remain without constant exposure to the teachings. Knowledge needs to be firm, fast and direct. Vedanta is the knowledge that ends the search for life’s meaning.

Vedanta is revealed to the mind of man, not thought up by the mind of man. A good example of this kind of knowledge is Einstein “discovering” the law of relativity or gravity, or Thomas Edison “discovering” electricity. Gravity and the law of relativity describe how the world works according to the laws of physics, but Einstein did not invent gravity or relativity. Edison did not invent electricity either; it was always there, until it was discovered. Gravity, relativity and electricity do not care whether you believe in them or not and operate the same way whether you understand what they are or not. This is the same with self knowledge: it is always there, right in front of our noses, but because we are blinded by duality, we do not see it.

The science of Self Knowledge came to reshis (seers) not through them. The Veda’s are direct revelations (shruti). Something that comes through a person should be doubted with a discriminative mind and patiently investigated to see if its in harmony with Vedic text. 

Vedanta’s proven methodology is called superimposition and negation. It posits the existence of duality which coincides with the experience of everyone even though it is not true, and then proceeds to destroy duality by inquiry. The belief itself is not a problem but its effect-suffering- is.
Although discrimination means we must face continual disillusionment, in the end we are paradoxically led to the realization that everything on every level of existence is real because it is the self.

the end

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