satsangs (Q&A)

Satsang is a compound Sanskrit word that means “keeping the company of the Self.” The Self, Awareness, is the true nature of everyone and one keeps company with it by continually meditating on it in many ways. One of the most effective methods involves discussing non-dual teachings with someone who has realized his or her identity as the Self, to get clarity with reference to Self inquiry. The satsangs posted here are the questions of many people around the world who are interested in liberation and find that Vedanta is their preferred means of Self knowledge.

This link takes you to the Shiningworld Satsang section where my, and other teachers, responses can be viewed. This is a brilliant way to resolve questions that you may have.

8 selected satsang examples..

  1. Vedanta or No Vedanta, the Truth Is the Truth
  2. Welcome Back to the Grandaddy of All Teachings
  3. Hit up the Nididhyasana Game
  4. Game Over!
  5. Isvara Takes Care of Isvara
  6. Does Enlightenment Fall Down from Heaven?
  7. 100% Confidence
  8. The Teacher-Student Relationship