My name is Daniel. I teach traditional Vedanta in a non-traditional format. To be clear, the teachings of Vedanta do not belong to me.  I am merely a mouthpiece for the tradition. The teachings are handed down from student to teacher in a unbroken chain called the sampradaya.  My teacher is James Swartz,  also known as Ramji, a disciple of Swami Chinmayananda.

After going through the site I’ll be more than happy to respond to your questions relating to the teachings of Vedanta/non-duality.


The teachings on this site are given freely.  Money never has been and never will be my motivation to teach. I do it because I enjoy it and because I believe I can help others. However, if I’ve helped you, please consider helping me. Any amount is appreciated. 

Many thanks and appreciation to those of you who recently reached out to help me with donations. Your generosity will be put into recovering from health issues that’s taken a great toll on my ‘jiva’s equipment’. It warms my heart to see how happy many of you are to be able to help me. For those who are able to offer a few pennies from time to time, here’s a ”donate” link. Your support sure helps. All my love, Doodleji.

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