Non- bull/non-dual wisdom


What does it mean to shift from an experiencer to an inquirer? What is left when we come to terms that all experiences are impermanent and that we cannot count on its ever changing nature for freedom/lasting happiness? Seekers of liberation require something that is REALliable and always good.

What if you are actually the always present-never changing seer of experience? Would this not then mean that experience relies on you, the knower, yet you remain free from experience?

What if everything you witness is actually an object to you? I am not talking about the ‘you’ that is sitting behind the screen and reading these words. I am talking about the ‘you’ that knows these words as an object, just as it sees the body, thoughts and feelings as an object too.

All things known must stand apart, from you, the “I” who knows. You cannot be a thing you see. Investigate this for a bit. Would this not be the ultimate freedom?

Freedom is not for the seeker. Freedom is FROM the seeker.

This is not a mystical state, statement or status- just absolutely utterly obvious. Actually, you are so obvious that it is apparently missed. This is not anything new, just simply ol- ordinary-non-dual-only- but-awareness you.

This understanding is called self knowledge, and self knowledge is always good. When this knowledge is firm you can weather any of life’s existential storms. Liberation is not experiential bliss but the bliss of knowledge. Discovering both our oneness with everything and our freedom from everything is liberation.

The spiritual market is mashed-up in all sorts of gobbledygook. A practical, non-personal and complete teaching is required_ Vedanta offers a proven means.

Nondoodle  shares  an introductory to the science of Self-inquiry. Discriminating between experience and knowledge is also covered.


  1. Great stuff here. I do have one question regarding the follow statement: “What if you are actually the always present-never changing seer of experience? Would this not then mean that experience relies on you, the knower, yet you remain free from experience?” I’m not sure I understand how my being the “never changing seer of experience” leads to the experience relying on me. Can you say more about this?

  2. Hello Christian. Its like the spider and the web analogy. The web relies/or is made up from the spider (subject), yet the spider remains free from the web. The web here can refer to all objects/experience. Or let us use the ring and the gold metaphor. The ring (object/experience) relies on the gold (its essence), yet the gold remains unaffected by whatever shape it may take. Even though the the ring or web appears to be different from its source, it has no separate independence.

    In addition, if there is no seer, could there be an experience? Nope. Therefore experience relies on you. Another question to ask is that if this is a non-dual reality, which it is, would this not thn mean that everything is only but you, awareness?

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