Non- bull/non-dual wisdom….at times sworn in a satire of play. 

The spiritual market is X-rated and saturated in all sorts of babel, bananas, poppycock & mumbo jumbo. This is not fun for an authentic seeker  who is caught up in the web of spiritual porn.

Nondoodle  shares  a basic introductory to the science of Vedanta whilst revealing spiritual myths. Discriminating between experience and knowledge is also covered. Most topics are from

This  site is an invitation to those who wish to connect with any inquiries. I temporary put on a sign  posting hat and share in the most direct, non-personal and clean manner that I am able.

(tie your hands behind your back and  slap ...nondoodles face…….book )



  1. Just beautiful….
    A tear trickles down from the eye, the heart beats.. It’s every pulse sent through my very being…
    A warm comfort meeting the life need,
    In love with this precious life,
    Shanti is alive <3

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